Central Reservations Glossary

Central Reservations Glossary

Academic Space
Facilities and spaces that primarily serve the University’s educational and research mission. Academic Space includes classrooms, laboratories, auditoriums, and performance halls, among others. Most Academic Spaces are scheduled and managed by the Office of Class Management.

Alcohol Permit
The possession, consumption, sale, service and distribution of alcohol on FIU premises requires approval by the University administration. Please reference our Terms & Conditions for specific details.

Aquatic Recreation Center, Biscayne Bay Campus

Biscayne Bay Campus

College of Business

Duplicating Center, Modesto Maidique Campus

Department Space
Facilities and spaces that primarily serve the University’s internal operational needs and are generally scheduled and managed by the respective department. Department Space includes meeting and conference rooms, study rooms, and athletic facilities, among others.

Event Coordinator
Once a reservation is confirmed, the FIU Space Manager may assign an FIU Event Coordinator to manage all details before, during and after an event in the reserved venue.

Event Space
Facilities and spaces used to host programs and events in support of the University mission such as educational, cultural, social, athletic, and recreational events among others. Event Spaces are generally scheduled and managed by the respective department.

External User
Alumni, retirees, emeritus faculty, board members, donors and the external community among others.

FIU’s venue at I-75 in Miramar, Broward County

FIU’s venue in Washington, DC

Ernest R. Graham University Center, Modesto Maidique Campus

Internal User
FIU employees, including faculty, staff and students, acting on behalf of a University department.

Liability Insurance Certificate
All external customers are required to provide proof of insurance sufficient to cover the operations and activities to be carried out on FIU’s premises. Please reference our Terms & Conditions for specific details. External customers may purchase the required insurance from FIU at competitive  terms and rates. Please ask your FIU Event Coordinator about it, should you be interested.

Management and New Growth Opportunities, Modesto Maidique Campus

Management and Research Center, Modesto Maidique Campus

Miami Beach Urban Studios, Miami Beach

Minors on Campus Release
For events with minors, FIU requires that a Space Manager or Event Coordinator complete the Minors on Campus Release form (see http://youthevents.fiu.edu) and meet all requirements related thereto to ensure the safety of children and youth while using our premises.

Modesto Maidique Campus

Office of Business Services

Parking Garage 5 Market Station, Modesto Maidique Campus

Parking Garage 6, Modesto Maidique Campus

Setup Type
Setup type is the physical layout or arrangement of a room, for example, classroom, conference, theater-style, rounds of 6, as-is, and so on (see Event Planning Tools for more detail).

Smoke and Tobacco Free Campus
Smoking and/or use/sale of any tobacco product is prohibited in all areas of the University campuses. For more details, please refer to our Terms & Conditions.

Space Manager
Local designee who receives space reservation requests through the Central Reservations website, confirms/cancels a reservation request, and provides all other follow—up action in accordance with the space’s terms and conditions.

Tax Exempt Form
To reserve our spaces without occurring any tax liabilities any external customer must produce a sales tax exemption certificate.

University Event
Events managed or sponsored by the University in support of its mission.

Wertheim Performing Arts Center, Modesto Maidique Campus

Gregory B. Wolfe University Center, Biscayne Bay Campus.