Frequently Asked Questions

Who can submit a request for space at FIU?
Members of student organizations with an active status and an EMS Space Scheduler title on Panther Connect may submit requests for event space using their student credentials. 
FIU faculty and staff may request space under their respective departments using their FIU employee credentials.
External guests may submit a request for space using the external request form.
I am an FIU employee and I am submitting a request for space on behalf of my department. Are there specific guidelines for rentals that I need to be aware of?

Yes. There are university-wide Terms & Conditions (T&Cs) for the use of all spaces. These differ for students/student organizations, FIU departments, and external guests and they are posted at Various buildings and rooms have additional T&Cs specific to the building/room which will be provided by the Space Manager.

How long will it take to receive a confirmation for my online space request?

All space managers are committed to responding to requests within two business days. Complex events with many add-on services may take longer since service providers and possibly our central risk authorities need to provide input for the reservation estimate. Please contact the Central Reservations Office at 305-348-1100 if you do not receive a response within 2 business days. 

Do I have to provide a SpeedType (activity number or research project ID for billing purposes) even if there is no charge to use the venue?

Yes. All internal requests for space require a SpeedType so that if there are any costs that originate from your use of the venue, the space manager/event coordinator can charge the expense to your department as written in the Terms & Conditions.

I would like to reserve a specific venue but I cannot find it in the Central Reservations system. Why?

As part of an ongoing project, the Central Reservations Office is continuously adding university spaces into the Central Reservations system. If your desired space does not appear in the system, please contact the Central Reservations Office at or by calling (305) 348-1100 and we will connect you with the respective space manager.

Why does the reservation request process include so many detailed questions? Do I have to answer them?

Yes, specific answers to our risk review questions are critical. While simple meetings generally come with little risk, most events come with some risk. Typical risk factors? Crowd size and crowd movement, alcohol, mishandling of food, temporary structures such as tents or extra lighting, any type of fire/pyrotechnics, and so on. But there are also reputation risks where events attract a lot of public attention or are about controversial topics. And certainly, there are plenty of risks when we host youth groups/minors at our campuses. The reservation request process is designed to help you think through what risks your event entails. You should be diligent in submitting complete information. This information will be reviewed by risk reviewers (FIU Police, Environmental Health & Safety, General Counsel, and others) and they will advise you on how to best manage potential risks for a safe and secure event!

Can I change or cancel a reservation after submitting it?

Yes. If you are canceling an internal request at least ten business days prior to the event date, log in to the system and click on “My Events” to view, change or cancel any active reservation. Contact the space manager directly if you are canceling in less than ten business days as charges may apply. External requests must be canceled by contacting the space manager directly. 

I am an FIU student/faculty/staff/alumna and want to rent a venue for a personal or for a corporate (non-FIU) event. Can I do that?

Yes. Please go to the above tab “Request a Space” and click on the box for “External Users” to complete a reservation request form.

My department is collaborating with an external entity on an event. Is that an FIU event, or an external event?

An FIU event is one that has a strong tie to FIU’s mission of high-quality teaching, state-of-the-art research and creative activity, and collaborative engagement with our local and global communities, which clearly benefits FIU; and it is billed to the department’s SpeedType. Events without a strong tie to our mission are considered external events and will be billed at the market rate.

I'm not sure about the room set up, can you help?

The below setup types are the most commonly used configurations for events. Remember that the setup type impacts the maximum room capacity for your event.



Do I need a Certificate of Insurance (COI) to reserve a space?

All external guests interested in hosting an event at FIU have to provide FIU with proof of insurance sufficient to cover the operations and activities to be carried out on the rented premises. Refer to the sample COI for minimum requirements and ensure that all items highlighted in red are reflected in your copy. FIU departments and student organizations are not required to submit COI.

Can I hire an external vendor for my event?

Yes, all external vendors must provide a Certificate of Insurance (COI) to service an event on campus. Refer to the sample COI for minimum requirements and ensure that all items highlighted in red are reflected in your copy.